Daily hospitalization

Our Clinic is a referral, specialized clinic, and because of that many patients showing up often require intensive treatment and all day stay in the hospital. Every hospitalized patient has got his own sheet (usually planned for several days), where his and his owner’s details, as well as specific treatment recommended by his doctor are written.

There are details such as which drugs should be administered orally, intravenously and subcutaneously, how much and which kind of fluids to give, all of the patient’s parameters (body weight, temperature, blood pressure, mucous membrane colour, abdominal pain) and additional tests (eg. blood and urine tests, X‑rays, and others). Second part of this sheet is about physiological needs of the patient, such as feeding and drinking, urinating and passing faeces (frequency and look). Consciously filled hospitalization sheet is an extremely important document, that records the course of treatment and allows to avoid any mistakes, especially when the hospital is full of patients. We created thisą document ourselves and we sometimes modify it depending on a special needs of a patient.