MEDiVET and Hill’s Nephrology Conference

Problems with urinary tract in cats are, unfortunately, more often seen at veterinary practices. Because of the specialized profile of our clinic, it’s an every-day reality for us. In response to the challenges, which first opinion veterinarians fight during setting the treatment of nephrology and urinary patients, on 28th of October Hill’s and Medivet SA together organized the conference about urinary tract diseases in cats.

Dr. Agnieszka Neska-Suszyńska shared her knowledge with other veterinarians. During lectures, she discussed the principles of intensive care in cats with nephology conditions and the treatment of geriatric patients (lectures: „Nephrology emergencies” and „Geriatric cat — renal disease and the rest”).

The second speaker at the conference, prof. Bogdan Alexandru Vitalaru from Bucharest, is interested in oncology surgery and renal replacement therapies. Lectures were an excellent opportunity to learn the newest achievements in nephrology and to revise knowledge about the treatment of cats with nephrology and urology conditions.