Katarzyna Skoczylas

Katarzyna earned her MSc degree from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, majoring in breeding and preservation of wild and companion animals. She completed student internships at the Rehabilitation Center for Protected Species in Przemyśl and at the Wrocław ZOO. During her studies, in 2017, she also became a small animal physiotherapist, having completed a training course at the Animal Physiotherapy Study Center in Warsaw. Katarzyna participated in an Erasmus+ international internship program, gaining professional experience at veterinary physiotherapy centers in Europe, such as Eurotierklinik in Majorca and Centro de Reabilitação Animal da Arrábida in Portugal, under the supervision of Doctor Angela Martins. She keeps improving her skills and gaining professional knowledge by attending various seminars and trainings.

In her spare time, Katarzyna is a lover of travelling, and especially of trips with a dog, and a great fan of her two black mongrels named Elmo and Kokos.