International Congress of Veterinary Nephrology 2018

On 28th of February, Dr. Agnieszka Neska-Suszyńska will take part in the International Congress of Veterinary Nephrology in Bucharest, and then on 20th to 24th of March in periodic Renal Week meeting at UC Davis.

The conference in Bucharest is a new interesting initiative for European veterinary practitioners that are interested in nephrology. This event will assemble more than 500 participants from different countries and will be a good opportunity to deepen the knowledge and to share clinical experiences. Relja Beck from Croatia, Fausto Brandão from Portugal, Luca Ferasin and Ilaria Lippi from Italy, Balázs Szladovits from Hungary will join the conference as speakers. Balázs Szladovits has already met our doctors in 2012, being the speaker on polish VetCo conference.

Then, Renal Week in a more intimate and exclusive meeting. Every second year nephrologists from all over the world (about 70 people) meet, concentrated on IRIS and mostly dealing with renal replacement therapies. During few days of lectures and workshops, attendants have the opportunity to update their knowledge in the light of novel research  and discuss about the future development in veterinary nephrology. Our Doctor attends these meetings from 10 years and is the only participant from Poland. Once she returns, she will surely share newest reports from veterinary nephology world. Earlier the Renal Week meetings took place in AMC clinic in New York (the oldest clinic of this kind the USA, having more than 100 years of history), and since 2 years are organized at UC Davis, the „capital” of veterinary nephrology and hemodialysis center.