Aleksandra Talma, DVM

Dr. Aleksandra Talma is a graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). In her practice, she uses her extensive expertise in veterinary anesthesiology and inhalant anesthesia machines. Aleksandra did a number of internships, working with specialists, and attended numerous conferences and workshops on anesthesiology. She sees patients in veterinary clinics in Warsaw and supports them by sharing her experience in perioperative care. Dr. Talma is a member of the Veterinary Anaesthesia School for Technicians (VASTA) and the  Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists (AVA). She has been a consultant at SpecVet since November 2017. Aleksandra’s hobbies include, in addition to veterinary anesthesia, horseback riding and good music.