Agnieszka Gecewicz, DVM

Lek. wet. Agnieszka Gecewicz graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Warsaw University. She start her first steps in a profession as a student in the veterinary practice in Wilanów and there she became fascinated veterinary medicine. After graduation, she worked as an internist and spent the following years as a diagnostician. Then the world of the microscope absorbed her completely. She completed the Laboratory Diagnostics Course in Practice and soon developed her knowledge of hematology, which she studies to this day. 

Completing the Clinical Cytology Course provided by the Italian Cytologist — Dr. Francesco Carrani allowed her to discover the world of cytology and she following that direction. She started an internship at one of the Warsaw dermatology clinics, where she explored the secrets of dermatology, and then spent the next few years treating dermatological and internal medicine patients there. She completed Clinical Dermatology of Dogs and Cats Course and Clinical Pathology of Dogs and Cats.

Dr. Agnieszka currently focuses on dermatological patients. She also assessing cytological material and blood smears. He regularly participates to conferences related to Dermatology and Cytology to develop her skills and be able to offer his patients the best solutions. He is also a member of the European Society of Veterinary Dermatology (ESVD).

Privately, she looks after the feline siblings. In her free time, she reads, rides a bike, rides a sailboat in large and small waters, she saves the world from the invasion of robot machines on PS4 and she passionately cook for the joy of her loved ones.