Our Staff

Making the right diagnosis is our ultimate goal as knowing the actual cause of a disease gives us the power of providing effective treatments. Our professional health service activities are based on specialized knowledge and modern diagnostic equipment. Partnering the VetCo.org, we are taking part in lifelong learning opportunities for veterinarians and thus we have access to the most recent scientific reports and the American diagnostic and medical standards. We are thriving to ensure that our services are provided at the highest level and every pet is given the comprehensive care.

In SpecVet, each patient is approached individually and is not left anonymous.

 Thank you! We deeply appreciate the trust you put in us!

  • Marcin Suszyński, DVMMPVM

    Director of the clinic, epidemiologist

    Dr. Suszyński manages and supervises the SpecVet clinic being responsible for marketing and transfer of high-tech diagnostic and medical methods.

    He graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw in 2004 and then, as the first Pole, completed a postgraduate study at UC Davis achieving the diploma Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM). Furthermore, he took part in numerous international and national courses (including the board-certification classes) associated with public health protection and animal hygiene. Dr. Suszyński is an expert in epidemiology and biosecurity, zoonotic diseases and the so called strategic diseases.

    In his early professional career, he was involved in border control and avian transportation. He was giving lectures to the postgraduate students at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and classes on infectious diseases for English-speaking students. Today, Marcin is dedicating his time and efforts to develop the continuous education programs for veterinary surgeons. Making use of his international business and academic contacts, he invites to Poland the top class and worldwide recognized professors and specialists in different fields of veterinary medicine.

  • Agnieszka Neska-Suszyńska | SpecVet

    Agnieszka Neska-Suszyńska, DVM

    Head of the clinic, nephrology, urology and endocrinology consultant

    Dr. Agnieszka Neska-Suszyńska is involved in specialized treatments provided for patients with kidney and urinary tract diseases as well as in diagnostics of endocrine disorders. In her Reference Veterinary Practice, situated in Ursynów (one of the Warsaw districts) she provides consultancy services for nephology cases in animals from all over Poland, supported by modern and comprehensive diagnostics and advance medical treatments (including renal replacement therapies, such as hemodialysis).

    Agnieszka graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw in 2006. Further on, she was developing her skills and getting new knowledge during internships classes supervised by the best American internists in the AMC clinic in New York and UC Davis (where she assisted in pioneering clinical trials, consulted unusual nephology and intoxication cases and applied specialized treatments, with hemodialysis and other detoxication techniques).

    Dr. Agnieszka’s professional interests include detoxication techniques, renal transplantation, glomerular diseases, and renal-origin anemias.

  • Grzegorz Bogdański, DVM

    Surgeon, surgery and orthopedics consultant

    Dr. Grzegorz Bogdański graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. After a few years of clinical work, in 2010, he completed three-year board-certification course at Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences and became a board-certified veterinary surgeon. He participated in many international congresses, for example with specialists from UC Davis – Philipp Mayhew, William Culp, Tamara Grubb and Howard Seim III, and workshops with Rafael Lourenço (daroplasty), Frédéric Sanspoux (osteosynthesis MIPO), and Filippo Maria Martini (TTA/TPLO).

    His main clinical interests include surgery of urinary tract, orthopedics and regenerative medicine. In SpecVet Clinic he performs: surgical treatment of ectopic ureters, cystotomy, ureterostomy, nephrectomy and ureteral stenting.

  • Dagmara Majewska - stomatologia | SpecVet

    Dagmara Majewska, DVM

    Dentistry and maxillofacial surgery consultant

    Dr. Dagmara Majewska graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

    She completed three internships on veterinary dentistry and maxillofacial surgery at UC Davis, Cornell University and University of Wisconsin, of which the first two being recognized as the best veterinary schools in the world and determining a pathway for development of this field of veterinary medicine. There, she consulted complicated clinical cases, interpreted advanced imaging studies results, including cone beam computed tomography, and assisted in advanced surgical procedures and scientific studies. While studying at the vet faculty, Dagmara completed work placements in the largest animal hospital in Europe: Royal Veterinary College in London, where she worked at cardiology and intensive care sections, and in the Companion Animal Hospital at Copenhagen University in Denmark, where she was developing her knowledge and skills in internal disease and imaging diagnostics.

    Dagmara has been taking part in international veterinary conferences held in Poland and abroad, including a BSAVA congress in Birmingham in 2015 and an EVDC congress in Ghent. She has co-authored scientific publications on veterinary dentistry.

  • Michał Wąsowicz, DVM, PhD

    Dentistry and maxillofacial surgery consultant

    Dr. Michał Wąsowicz graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, in 2006 and became a board-certified specialist in epizootiology and veterinary administration in 2010. Further on, in 2014 he defended a doctoral thesis on nasal cavity and nasal sinuses diseases in the cat. In his day-to-day work, Michał dedicates the time for veterinary dentistry field in dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents. He is passionate about veterinary dentistry and clinical anatomy. He participated in many international congresses and workshop held by European Veterinary Dental College (EVDC), European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies (ESAVS) and Polskie Stowarzyszenie Lekarzy Weterynarii Małych Zwierząt (PSLWMZ). Dr. Wąsowicz has authored numerous scientific reports and papers on veterinary dentistry and clinical anatomy. Since 2006, he has been holding an academic teaching post at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He is a member of the European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS) and the European Association of Veterinary Anatomists (EAVA) since 2010.

  • Aleksandra Talma - anestezjologia | SpecVet

    Aleksandra Talma

    Internist, intensive care, anaesthesiology

    Dr. Aleksandra Talma is a graduate from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine WULS in Warsaw. While working, she uses her wide knowledge about veterinary anaesthesiology and inhalant anaesthesia machines. She has done many internships working with specialists, took part in conferences and workshops about anaesthesiology. She cooperates with veterinary clinics in Warsaw and supports them by sharing her experience in perioperative care. A member of VASTA — Veterinary Anaesthesia School for Technicians and AVA — Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists. She works at SpecVet Clinic since November 2017. Her hobbies, apart from veterinary anaesthesia, include horseback riding and good music.

  • Magdalena Grędowska - Interna | SpecVet

    Magdalena Grędowska

    Internist, Dermatology and Cytology Consultant

    A graduate of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Warsaw University of Life Sciences ( SGGW), which graduated with honors in 2016. During her studies, she participated in Erasmus student exchange at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Porto ( 2014, 2015), focusing on laboratory work in the clinical pathology department. In addition, she completed internships in leading warsaw veterinary laboratories, where she acquired skills in the evaluation of hematological and basic cytology specimens ( 2016, 2017). In 2017 she underwent a three-part course of clinical pathology under the supervision of DVM Francesco Carrani, and a course of clinical dermatology of dogs and cats at the Dermawet Clinic. She consults internal medicine cases, concerning mostly on dermatology and nephrology. Privetly, she is a lover of travelling, theater and portuguese Port wine.

  • Katarzyna Koprowska

    Cardiology Consultant, Echocardiogram

    A graduate from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine WULS in Warsaw, which she has completed with honours in 2012. She consults the cardiology cases and performs general anaesthesia. She anaesthetises patients for many surgical, dentistry, thoracosurgical and high risk procedures. Also performing additional tests — echocardiogram, ECG, X‑ray. Since 2013 she is a member of AVA (Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists). Because of her major interests, she has completed many anaesthesiology internships and trainings under the supervision of renowned specialists abroad. Since 2016 in cooperation with Swiss company she is a leader of Veterinary Anaesthesia School for Technicians (VASTA) in Poland, which aim is to educate and improve veterinary anaesthesiology in this country. She enjoys sharing her knowledge by organising trainings and writing scientific articles. Thanks to her skills and knowledge patients undergoing serious surgeries are in good hands. Privately she likes an active lifestyle and traveling. She is also an owner of three dogs: Pandy, Nili and Grand which whom she trains with and starts in obedience trials.

  • Dorota Sztechman

    Cardiology Consultant, Echocardiogram

    A veterinary doctor and graduate of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW.  An Assistant in Chair and Department of Experimental and Clinical Physiology, Medical University of Warsaw.  Currently, in the process of writing her PhD in cardiovascular pathophysiology. She’s participated in numerous courses and trainings in cat and dog cardiology.  Based on ECG and ECHO examinations, blood pressure measurements and thoracic X‑Ray examination she consults her small patients and builds individual therapy. In private, she belongs to two Main Coons, Tosia and Lenka.      

  • Magdalena Ziółek

    Magdalena Ziółek


    A graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at SGGW in Warsaw.
    In 2013, she became a qualified veterinary radiologist. Her main interest is ultrasound diagnostics of lung and chest diseases. She participated in many courses and symposia in the field of imaging dialgnostics, also for human medicine doctors. She provides postgraduate training for veterinarians in the field of ultrasound examinations. Privately, a pointer owner and running enthusiast.

  • Martyna Posłuszny


    A graduate of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. During her studies she completed internship at the hospitals “Jaggy” in Brno and “Blue Cross” in London. She took part in the “Erazmus +” program, and went for a two-month internship to the reference university hospital in Murcia. She was a volunteer at the TailTorrox dog shelter in Spain and in a veterinary clinic in Thailand. During the studies, there was an active member of international Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA). She participated in student exchanges with Germany, Great Britain and Slovakia. She has been associated with SpecVet since 2016.

  • Agnieszka Zyzda - interna | SpecVet

    Agnieszka Zyzda


    Graduated from Wroclaw University of Life and Natural Sciences. She gained her professional experience in Bielsko-Biała, where, under the supervision of experienced doctors, she improved her skills in internal medicine, veterinary imaging and the basics of surgery. She continuously broadens her knowledge by participating in numerous conferences. At the same time she is developing towards dog and cat behaviours, willing to share her knowledge during consultations. She always tries not only to reach a proper diagnosis, but also to take care of the patient’s well-being during the medical visit. Her professional interests are directed towards the internal medicine. In her free time she likes planning further journeys and hiking with friends especially in her beloved Beskid Mountains.

  • Sonia Zaleska - Internista

    Sonia Zaleska


    Sonia graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Warsaw in 2019. During her studies she took part in internship programs in various vet clinics as well as Warsaw ZOO. She also has finished various veterinary courses and took part in veterinary seminars. In 2018 she volunteered for a veterinary course taking place in South Africa, thus connecting two of her life passions: veterinary medicine and traveling. In private live she is a proud owner of 3 cats and a dog. Her interests outside of work are rock climbing, traveling and skiing.

  • Olga Woroch


    She graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin. During her studies, she gained experience by completing numerous internships in Lublin veterinary clinics. She spent the last semester of study at the University of Frederick II in Naples as part of the Erasmus + program. Every day she tries to expand her knowledge in order to help her patients in the best possible way. After work, he loves to play board games and go for long walks.

  • Agnieszka Cholewiak-Góralczyk

    Dietetics Consultant

    Specialist in the dietetics of dogs and cats dealing with nutrition plans for animals — both sick and healthy (including the BARF diet). Author of “Sausage not for a dog (and cat), or how to healthy feed your pet” book publishing her articles also in trade magazines for animal caretakers. She runs Surowe Kotki i Psy Foundation  popularizing healthy nutrition for both dogs and cats.

    Additionally, she completed COAPE course in the field of animal behavior that legally qualifies her for working as professional and certified behaviorist.

  • Dagmara Przybysz, MSc

    Veterinary nurse

    Darmara graduated from the Faculty of Biology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, with special training on microbial biology. Her love for animals drove her to the SpecVet Clinic in December 2013 and since then, she’s been responsible for laboratory equipment, analyses and blood counts, and microscopic examinations. In private, she owns two queens: Arya, a calico kitty, and tricolor Lilo.

  • Gabriela Grądzka

    Veterinary assistant

    Gabriela graduated from the faculty of the Animal Science at Warsaw University of Life Sciences in 2019. In 2020 she has received the title of veterinary technician dog. From the early beginning of her education she has been developing her skills in veterinary clinics taking care of companion animals. In our clinic she is responsible of laboratory diagnostics, taking care of hospitalized patients and assistance in veterinary consults. Privately she broaden her knowledge in physiotherapy of dogs, cats and horses. She is keen on horse riding, travelling and spending time with her cat Alutka.

  • Natalia Rejmer

    Veterinary assistant

    Natalia Rejmer has obtained a master’s degree in the field of Reproduction and conservation of wild and companion animals from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Her interest focuses on animal nutrition, thus during her studies she was gaining the experience working at the pet food industry. She has spent hours taking care and observing animal behavior at the Warsaw Zoological Garden, as a part of the internships, volunteering and for scientific work. She owns two labradors: Kluska and Tekla.

  • Magdalena Rutkowska | SpecVet

    Magdalena Rutkowska

    Veterinary assistant

    Magdalena is not only a veterinary medicine student but also she graduated Veterinary Technikum ZSTiO under the name of dr gen. Roman Abraham in Września. She was gaining her professional experience in a veterinary office in Poznań and at vet clinic in Luboń. She also has a laureate title from 41 Olimpics of Knoweldge and Farm’s skills from 2017. She’s a member of International Veterinary Medicine Students Assosiation and she participates in veterinary medicine conferences. Since she has been a child she knew she would like to be a vet one day and now with big curiousity she’s trying to improve and develop her knowledge and skills in this proffesion.

  • Katarzyna Skoczylas

    Veterinary assistant

    A graduate of Warsaw University of Life Sciences where she obtained a MSc diploma in the breeding and preservation of wild and companion animals field of study, companion animals specialisation. She completed her student internship at the Rehabilitation Centre of Protected Animals in Przemyśl and at the zoo in Wrocław. During her studies, in 2017, she obtained the professional title of small animal physiotherapist at the Animal Physiotherapy Study Center in Warsaw. She participated in the several months’ Erasmus+ international internship programme, gaining professional experience in zoophysiotherapy centers in Europe, such as Eurotierklinik in Majorca and in the Centro de Reabilitação Animal da Arrábida in Portugal under the supervision of Doctor Angela Martins. She improves her skills and gains professional knowledge regularly by attending various seminars and trainings.
    In her personal life she is a lover of travelling, especially with a dog, and the biggest fan of her two black mongrels named Elmo and Kokos.

  • Karolina MiIlarska | SpecVet

    Karolina Milarska


    Karolina Milarska is a graduate Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication at Univeristy of Warsaw. After graduation she moved to Great Britain. She has gained there a lot of experience in direct contact with the client. During this time she completed courses, including a math course — Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics, and English course — Functional Skills Qualification in English. Her communication skills are appreciated by Polish and foreign owners of our patients.
    Privately, she is the owner of a dog named Lusia and a lover of crime and thriller books.

  • Joanna Popławska | SpecVet

    Joanna Popławska

    Patient service

    Joanna is a graduate of the Military University of Technology. She has gained a lot of experience in PZU as a customer service specialist, which she uses daily with our clients now. She likes cats and parrots, but currently has two turtles

  • Kinga Kuflewicz

    Patient service

    Kinga is a current IT student with a specialization in front-end developer in Warsaw Banking University. She worked in a sports and recreation center, as receptionist, where she gained a lot of experience sharing her passion to fitness with clients. Privately is an owner of one-year-old American Pitbull Terrier named Boczek.

  • Aleksandra Bielska

    Patient service

    Aleksandra Bielska is a 4th year student of Veterinary Medicine Faculty at Warsaw University of Life Sciences.  After graduation she would love to work with small animals. She is an experienced and driven professional, she used to work in several international corporations in Warsaw as a receptionist. Outside work she loves traveling, her favorite destination is Italy. She has one dog called Latek.