Blood pressure measurement


- Acute or chronic kidney disease

- cardiovascular disease

- Neurological symptoms

- Ophthalmologic symptoms, eg. Sudden loss of vision

- Hyperadrenocorticism

- Hyperthyroidism

- Pheochromocytoma

- The use of drugs that cause an increase in blood pressure (eg. Steroids, Propalin)

- Monitoring during surgical and dental

- Monitoring in emergency

Techniques for measuring the pressure used in our clinic:

  1. Oscillometric technique — measuring principle is based on detecting the vibrations of the arterial wall. A limb or root tail assumed the right size cuff, which is filled with air and emptied in accordance with our settings on the camera. The resulting measurement is the systolic pressure, diastolic blood pressure, mean blood pressure and heart rate.
  1. Doppler technique — is based on detecting movement of blood cells in the vessel. Limb, tail or root is assumed cuff, and a superficial artery located in the distal part in relation to the cuff applied to a piezoelectric crystal. The cuff should be manually pumped until when blood flow ceases to be audible. Then it is slowly emptied from the air. The pressure that indicates the scoop at the time of the reappearance of the sound of blood flow is the systolic pressure. This is the only measure which can be obtained by means of Doppler technique.

The risk associated with hypertension:

- Kidney damage, the appearance of proteinuria

- Damage to the retina of the eye (vascular damage -> hemorrhage -> edema, ocular hypertension -> detachment of the retina -> blindness)

- Damage to the nervous system (stroke -> seizures, change of consciousness, different neurological deficits, sometimes even sudden death)

- Heart disease leading to heart failure


The treatment of hypertension (always according to the instructions of the veterinarian):

- Reduce salt content in foods

- In the case of proteinuria lowering dietary protein

- Acids supplementation Omag-3

- Appropriate medication to lower blood pressure

- The possible discontinuation of medications that increase blood pressure