Karolina Niegowska, DVM

Dr. Karolina Niegowska graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) in 2020. Having always been interested in wild exotic animals, only after her second year she practiced in a private ZOO under Lodz, where she took care of wolves, lemurs, a tapir and white tigers and lions — to start with. She continued this work via her internships in „Safari” veterinary clinic, where she had a chance to assist a wild animals’ doctor. Her last practice took place in Mexico, where in a clinic of Queretaro she faced a lot of critical care situations and learned Spanish. Karolina also speaks fluent English and French, which enables her to accommodate foreign owners. Her veterinary interests lie in anaesthesiology, toxicology and behavioristics supported by drugs. Karolina is also a student of Lodz Filmschool, finishing her fourth year on Directing with a specialty in Screenwriting. In the remains of her spare time she reads fiction and listens to jazz.